Thursday, July 12, 2007


It’s Wednesday night and I’m watching TV in my dad’s room.

Wende, dad’s fifth wife, took us out to dinner, along with two employees of the company. Her boyfriend, Jesse, stayed at home, he wasn’t feeling real well.

Nice guy. He helped me wash and wax my van after the 1,000 mile drive from Oregon. Apparently his job is to putter around the two houses, doing yard work, washing cars, and doing fill in labor on job sites.

Dad's Place


I saw one of my brothers. In fact, he was the one who provided the easy application wax we used on my van. He seems happy to be working for my dad’s business manager. I still can’t over his loss of hair (whew! I guess I dodged that genetic bullet!).


Dad comes from Thailand on Saturday afternoon. I’ll go with with Wende to the airport to pick him up. He is still planning on that motorcycle run on Sunday.

Dad’s business manager is out of town, in Hawaii, so I probably won’t see him.

I’m unsure of the interpersonal dynamics around here, but I’ll figure it out. From what I understand, this house that once was my sister’s (she hung herself four years ago) is empty most of the time. Dad spends almost all of his time in Thailand. He has a bar and a bungalow there.

On our way out to dinner we spent at least fifteen minutes trying to round up one of the dogs (they have six). This one, ‘Quila, was my dad’s girlfriend’s dog. When he and she broke up he kept the dog and now it is Wende’s. It’s ornery, likes to play keep away and avoid getting locked in the fenced yards.

'Quila in the Wall

Everyone is real glad to see me and my boys.

Everyone is real happy to laugh and talk about good times.

And everyone is living a life that confuses me no end.

They have begun apologizing for their frequent swearing, but I tell them it isn’t a big deal, though they see how uncomfortable in makes Jeremiah and Isaac.

There is a lot of nice stuff here. Dad’s main house (or is it Wende’s?) has six our so bedrooms and the office. This house, next door, has four bedrooms, and the only primary residents here are the six dogs who have a door through the adjoining property line wall, and an orange and white cat who keeps nibbling at my toes as I type.

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, I’m taking the boys to Corona Del Mar for a swim in the ocean. They are suspicious as it isn’t the sort of thing one does in Oregon, but I tell them that the water here is warm enough that it will be a lot of fun.

So... how will I tie this in to some personal epiphany? Some theology insight or ccomment on human nature?

I can’t.

I love my family. I don’t undestand the situation here very well (and there are hints of things that I am waiting to learn more about before I go into more detail), but that is OK.

Right now, loving my family is enough.

It’s late, I’m tired, and this lonely cat is attacking my foot.

I’m going to bed.

Thursday Morn...

Just got back from taking the boyus to Corona Del Mar. We looked at tide pools...

...but the boys seemed more fascinated by the emergency people who rescued someone from the surf and rocks.

There was a steady stream of joggers, runners and dog walkers along the bluffs over looking the ocean and the air was sweet and fresh coming in over the Pacific.

We went to Laguna Beach, I sent Brenda a post card and the boys bought mood rings.

It is so busy here. The drivers are very aggressive, and having nice cars seems to be the norm. At least along the coast.

The hills along the stretch between Corona Del Mar and Laguna beach are mostly covered with track homes now, with large wide streets coursing through areas I remember as only scrub brush.

I’ve only been here less than a day and I am already longing to get on out to see some country.

I’m meeting up with a jr. high school friend this afternoon and tomorrow he is treating the boys and I to whatever we wish to do.

I’m glad I don’t live here any more.


jel said...

Hi CS, and boys!

some very cool pictures.

love the beach,

thanks for taking us with u on your trip.

I too will praying 4 y'all

Anonymous said...

sh -
i feel like i'm riding along with you. love your pictures. jeremiah & issac look happy. glad you 3 get to be 'the boys'& take this road trip. making good memories. adios, ag-gf

Christopher said...

cs, just wanted to say hi and praying for you and the boys as you're on a journey of refection.

bjk said...

seriously...THANKS for bringing us along....I think you and your boys are salt and any and all who come in contact with you whether here or in person....

Squirrel said...

I grew up in San Diego county. I went to 6th grade camp in the Laguna Mountains. I wish I could visit the places I grew up in but it is WAY too far from Oklahoma!

Amrita said...

The houses are really grand.

ame said...

oh, how i miss the ocean sometimes. the house i grew up in from 7-17 was just down the street from the ocean. but i don't miss what the humidity did to my naturally curly hair!!!!!!!!!!!!