Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Thanks for all the great comments on the last post!

I spent the last day and a half with my sister's family, which includes my mom.

We played a lot of Scrabble, and it was good catching up.

Today was a traveling day. We rolled back through the Mojave Desert, skirted along the edge of Death Valley, and ended up in Lee Vining, the backdoor to Yosemite. That brings the total miles so far 1,854.

Tomorrow we are going through Yosemite and I have told the boys that I'm taking an hour off to go pray in the woods. I really need a little solitude and quality time with my boss.

I could show you a lot of pictures that Isaac took of the deserts, but as thrilling as that sounds, I think I will just leave all of you in frustrated anticipation.

How about if I make it up to you with some pictures from Yosemite (they will be greener!).

But I will close with a pic of the one thing I think is memorable about Lee Vining, California:


MMM said...

Hey CS, thanks for stopping by. Ouch re gas prices, and I'm sorry your dad didn't break the record.

I knew you loved him anyway. I love mine too. ;)

Coco said...

I thought 3.09 was bad enough...

Yosemite is wonderful place for "prayer"...

as for the cat-
im not a cat person, i don't know anything about cats, but now that you mention the word "calico", it's probably what the dr. assistant said. what do i know?

and YAY, for "time"!! : )
i LOVE my summer "time"...
it recharges my batteries.
and how dare my husband : (
he wants me to work summer school, huh?! no way!!

take care!


Jim said...

At least premium is only 20 cents higher than regular. Or is that bottom one for desiel (I think not)?
Your kids will like the park.

Looney Mom said...

Oh holy moly! That's outrageous. It now costs over $100 to fill up our van. Maybe we'll have to get back to riding bikes. I'm sure it would help with the excess flab I've accumulated over the years. LOL!

Have a safe trip back.

jel said...


that's got to hurt!

hope y'all have a good time at Yosemite, my sis and her husband, just got back from there.

safe trip home!
and thanks

Merle said...

Hi Curious Servant ~~ Thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad you liked the cows I posted. More later tonight, then something else. I am
glad you had a enjoyable time with your sister and Mom and that you and your Dad are close. Take care,
Best Wishes, Merle.

Anonymous said...

sh - enjoy your hours of silence & solitude in yosemite. God will be near, ag-gf

Kim said...

Wow!! That's a shocker!

I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation. And I'm with you about time with the Boss!! Amen to that!

ame said...