Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Rewind

It is good to be home, catching up on chores and such.

It is good to get back in to church, worship with my church family.

And it is good to do all the sorts of little things that give rhythm and continuity to life.

But it seems too abrupt to move on past the adventure I have had this past couple of weeks, so before I drop in another post here, I thought I'd share just a few photos of various events on our trip.

California Border!

The Cafeteria where I swallowed that tooth in first grade.

The new building where I attended church and had several spiritual awakenings as a kindergartner. Same corner... no bell tower or stain glass window.

Breakfast stop. Great soup!

A disappearing dust devil

Do you see a face in this rock?
"Little Corona" -- Corona Del Mar, California

Tide Pool Critters

A Dr. Seuss Exhibit in a Gallery in Laguna Beach


Dad and Isaac

Dad and Jeremiah

400 horsepower on two wheels

Moment of Truth

The Edge of Death Valley



I guess this guy's patriotic

This was a library where I discovered the love of reading at six years old.


A Dragon

Where I sat for 2,751.6 miles

Good to see

Back home... taking Rocky for a walk along the Willamette River.
(He'd sure like to catch one of those geese!)


Jada's Gigi said...

The scenery is awesome! what a trip! hey that cafeteria looks exactly like mine..:) soup for breakfast?!?
Corona Del Mar...sigh.....:) I know its good to be home though...

bjk said...

I'm with JG soup for breakfast?? And please tell me it wasn't Pea soup.....

Thanks again CS for the trip.....

curious servant said...

Sorry... What I meant was that we srtopped for breakfast... traditional breakfast (I had biscuits and gravy, Isaac had pancakes, Jeremiah had waffles) at a place that makes a great soup, a place we usually stop at for lunch.

I once missed seeing Joni Mitchell there by 15 minutes.

We passed on the soup given the hour of the day.

Anonymous said...

sh - nice pix. show us some more! ag-gf

Jim said...

Thanks for sharing these, CS. Yes, it would be a shame for you to go on to other things before posting these. More would be ok too.
Anyway, I'm envious of your trip. Those boys must have really ejoyed it, you did good taking them.
I'll bet Rocky was really glad to see you guys. He didn't look like he wanted to get out of your van when you left.
I did read your blurb about P. Hilton. My today's blog was the 5th time I mentiioned her but I haven't done a serious post on her.

ame said...

thanks for the journey in pictures ... what a wonderful, memorable, unforgetable, life-changing, poignant journey for all three of you

Suzanne said...

Thanks, CS..since I haven't had a vacation in awhile, I thoroughly love looking at others photos...these were so fun...glad you had a good time of it. :)

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant..They are ALL nice pictures and my three favorite ones are, "Dad and Isaac" and "Dad and Jerimiah" and "The Patrotic House!"......Terry

Judas Hate said...

Very cool!

Love the rock. I can see Nostradamus from the right angle, Winston Churchill from the left and the left half of a mountain lion face in the lower center.

Great post.

Paula said...

I love ALL the photos! Welcome Home!

Vicki said...

Hey, we had a little vacation trip, too, but nothing like yours! I always enjoy seeing photos from friends' travels. Glad you're back. Great shots.