Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Rewind Redux

Since two folks liked the pics in the last post enough to ask for more... here are a few more random shots from our 2,751 mile trek through California and child-parent relations.

Ready to roll!

A lot of mixed feelings going through my head as I help my dad suit up for his run.

Bike is ready

Yosemite Valley

Northern California
Definitely click on this one to look closer!

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

And another pic of it.

Breath taking!

The boys loved playing pool at Dad's

Adult refreshments

I'd forgotten about this loader with sheep's foot I carved for Dad.

Jeremiah counting out money for an iPod

A dust devil on lake El Mirage

An oasis in the desert

Not the sort of sign one sees everyday

The desert seems a logical place for a solar energy plant

Dueling cameras with my sis.
She is thinking about buying one of these.
I think the Sony Cyber shot is an excellent inexpensive digital camera, sis!

Folks lining up to race their cars, motorcycles, and vehicles beyond description

What the lake bed looks like

Me, Dad, brother David

From the Dr. Seuss exhibit in Laguna Beach, a sketch and final image from "The Cat in the Hat"

Not the Dr. Seuss I knew!

My brother-in-law does a good job homeschooling

Political statement


Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant.
These are such nice pictures of you family and the scenery.
They are happy pictures!

I finally have a few spare hours to get caught up on my reading your blog and a few others.
Judas Hate has an intersting one on his site about helicopters and I am definately interested in that one!
I am an old air force brat and we used to see them all the time!

I am still praying for your dad that he will get saved!

I like all of these pictures but one!
I remember how annoyed my brother Gary, and Bernie were at me one time when, do you recall that Ned Zeppelin 33 record that was called "Stairway to Heaven"?
Well, all of those little kids crawling up those stairways got a nice new pair of jeans drawn on them to cover up their bare bottoms.
Well, THEY didn't seem to mind but were those above mentioned boys ever annoyed!! Ha!
Catch you later...From Terry

Terry said...

PS ..Curious Servnat...maybe you better send that lassie to the paint program on windows and draw a nice pink dress on her!.. Ha!!

curious servant said...

I understand Terry...

But I was an art major in college and nudity in art doesn't bother me so much, though still hesitated possting it here, which is why it didn't go in the first batch.

But I thought it interesting to see that side of Dr. Seuss.

Sorry if it offended.

Thank you for the prayers.

Terry said...

Aw Curious Servant you didn't offend me at all!
It just brought back to my mind that funny story about Ned Zeppelin!!

Sorry I have been so long in reading your blog.
It is always so interesting and I am so glad about your dad!
One if these days, I just know that he is going to accepr the Lord's offer of salvation!!..Love Terry

ame said...

love it!!!

Judas Hate said...

Mornin' Will:-)

Accidentally "lost" your message from my inbox this morning. Tried to e-mail you, but got a dsn message in return. Try me again now that I've had my coffee:-)

Paula said...

I love the pics Brother!!! You have a beautiful family to match your heart!

Paula said...

BTW, you take awesome pictures!

Fox's Mom said...

I graduated from Bolsa Grande in '74 and went on a summer long trip through Kings Canyon and Yosemite. The picture you've posted of Bridal Veil Falls is magnificent and brought back some very happy memories. Thank-you!