Monday, June 30, 2008

Homeland Security

I have three posts that are handwritten... but before I finish them up and toss them onto the blog pile...

A letter came today from Homeland Security... the folks dedicated to keeping Americans safe.

My son, Jeremiah,

J at Special Olympics this weekend

upon further consideration...

has been denied U.S. citizenship.


A rather new visitor to this blog wished for a little explanation regarding this post. I think her visit was somewhen around the post Of Mice and Men.

So, I have picked out a few posts that I think touch upon the issues here.

My first post, describing the events around our first adoption, Willy. please forgive all the spam in the comments... It's an old post.

About the fire, an issue that has placed obstacles in the way of his citizenship.

One of my favorite posts, about where my children came from, in honor of Mother's Day.

Jeremiah is granted residency.

Here is the short version:

We adopted two children from Haiti 15 years ago. When Jeremiah turned 18 we checked into service for him because of his disabilities and discovered the boys were never granted citizenship, and had entered the U.S. under emergency medical visas which had expired. since then we have spent quite a bit on lawyers, filing fees, and a lot of red tape top fix it. Because of an incident with fire, Jeremiah's application was in question. We got the residency, and then to our surprise, citizenship, for both boys. Today they informed us that Jeremiah's citezenship will not be granted afterall. We can apply in five years.


Marvin the Martian said...

Well, that's a bunch of crap, then. What's the next step?

curious servant said...

We could appeal the decision... the filing fee is $485.

We've already spent $4,000.
We could wait it out... they say if we keep him in our home, for another 5 years, he would probably be granted citizenship.

KAN said...

I am sure somewhere in your blogging is the past information about this, but I couldn't find it. Do you mind repeating yourself and tell me, and new readers, about your boys and why this issue has come up.

After having spent the last 10 years teaching in a school with approximately 50% Hispanic with being here legally such an iffy issue in all of their lives, I felt my blood boil as I read your post.


KAN said...

Two things: 1) thanks for stopping by my blog again. Sometimes knowing that people outside of my "circle" are actually reading what I write is humbling. Knowing someone with your incredible writing style is reading my writing makes me really examine everything over and over wanting it to be "dazzling". Oh well, don't I fall short. HAHA
2) Really, Really thanks for taking the time to re-explain everything. I know it can be difficult to relive everything over and over again trying to tell others. It is almost like when someone is critically ill in the hospital, and time after time the family has to retell the same statistics. Just reliving the same over.

You have definitely gone through a great deal with your family. Are maybe it is COME THROUGH a great deal. How do people make it through such fires without the Lord. I KNOW I don't ever want to try.

Thanks again for your attentiveness. Must be one of your better qualities...

Maisie said...

This is unbelievable, especially when the government knows that people cheat their way into becoming citizens. It must be so hard for you and your family. Your poor son - having to wait another 5 years.

Fred said...

Sorry you;re having such a problem, CS. It's got to be terribly disappointing to be stuck in the government bureaucracy.

Will J stay at home for the next five years so you can get his citizenship?

Best of luck. It'll happen.

Lucy Stern said...

CS, you need some "connections" to help you. Have you talked to your state senators about this? I hear that sometimes they can get things going.....It is worth a try. I wonder why they came back after granting him citizenship and then took it away? Could someone have made a complaint? I hope not...Keep praying and maybe the Lord will send you an answer as to what to do..... Good luck!

jel said...

Hey Friend,
I'm very sorry to hear That!

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm so sorry about this Will, I do pray that someone will realize this mistake and fix it ~ it's unbelievable to me that you son wouldn't receive citizenship. What precious boys you have....what a wonderful life you and your wife have given them here in America. I have been to Haiti, way back in 1979 and remember the little children running to the boat for us to throw them still pulls at my heart. Thanks for visiting my blog, I caught that shot right after he left the diving board!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a very nice thing to say about my blog Will ~ thank you! I've discovered that blogging is another way to lift one another up...the human spirit needs that doesn't it? take care, Dawn

Felisol said...

Dear CS,
I am so sorry to learn that Jeremiah was betrayed when he first got his citizenship.
What an ordeal you and your family have been through. It will have a lucky end though,' cause our Lord is mightier than those who think they reign as they please, twisting and turning the law.
It sometimes sounds blasphemous, but not today; you, Brenda and the boys have the living God on your side.
What harm can man do?
Yours Felisol