Friday, June 20, 2008

He Changed the World

One of my challenges this Summer is to teach myself a variety of software programs in preparation for teaching technology next school year.

My first project is a little video using the new iMovie program.

This video is a little reflection on how Jesus constantly sought God through prayer. He went off to pray, especially when the task before Him was difficult.

Even though He was (is) God incarnate, He sought God's direction always.

Let me know if the size is too large or if there are other problems. It is in Quicktime format, and set for higher end broadband.


curious servant said...

Seems to have little hitches, even when it is fully loaded.

The full quality version came out pretty nice. I think I'll burn a couple of DVDs of it for some friends.

Anonymous said...

It's very good, CS.

The Feathered Nest said...

I love it!! My son majored in film and it's quite an art form ~ I love the use of all of the same type images, too ~ wonderful, sale is tomorrow, hopefully the thunderstorms in GA will hold off till late afternoon! take care, Dawn

Poetikat said...

Hello Will,
Both my husband and I watched your video and really enjoyed it. We were wondering why you chose to do it in black and white. Not that we didn't like it, but does it have some meaning beyond being b & w? - is it representative of what our belief should be perhaps?
We really liked your choice of images and were captivated the whole way through. Also, the music was particularly apt.


Poetikat said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the battle scenes and the pictures featuring smoldering fires in the background made me think that Tolkien must have been influenced by these images as well.