Thursday, September 20, 2007



I haven't been posting so much on this blog as I have been pretty busy. A lot of my blogging energy has been going elsewhere as many of you know.

Still, I love this little blog and want to keep it going.

The previous post was about a painting I did, an experiment in some new materials.

I want to do another, but the Spirit hasn't given me a lot of direction.


I'm looking for inspiration.

I want to do another image relating to Advent, the beginning of the Christ Mass season.

The theme should be around "Light and Life" in Jesus.

So... how is this for an experiment...

Give me a suggestion. I will be open to anything which looks at the way that Jesus has brought light into this darkened world.

What images work for that? Space, dark woods, wilderness, a cityscape?

Drop me a note on an idea you have and I will see if something opens up the creative floodgates.

I will then post the stages as I create the picture.

Leave a comment and let's see where the Spirit leads!


bigwhitehat said...

What about a personal advent?

Pick an individual. Show the light being shined in their personal darkness.

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant..The other day at Pilgrim Pals, Susan Walker Girl[Bunts] posted a lovely picture of a sunset or sunrise, I can't ever tell whicn is which. Anyways the way the picture was taken, it looke like a bright cross shining right over to the shore of the water. It is just beautiful and the first thing that entered my mind was the verse, "I am the Light of the world".
Perhaps if you looked at it Curious Servant, you would think the same.....Love Terry

ps Susan has it on her site too, but she lent it to the Pilgrims.
Susan is my kindred spirit but it takes about 5 minutes before I can download her site!! It is HUGE and full of good things!

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant.
The address to Pilgrim Pals is

Susan Bunts is in the favorite links..."Susan's Blog".

Her post is called "The Reluctant Gospel" and the picture is sooo beautiful!

Curious Servant...You never offended me at all about the language.
I always have such a high respect for people like you and then I forget that they are human...just like me!!!
I still respect you greatly and I still pray for your other situation.
I feel so helpless other than that to help you.
And it makes me feel bad because you don't know it but you have often been such a help to ME!
...Love Terry

pecheur said...

I've never been much of a muse. But I like to see people get inspired.

Here are some words (and phrases) that come to mind:

Hurt when that transition from dark to light is made.
Safety. I longer have to be scared of the dark or what is in the darkness
Revelation. I didn't know that was there.
Beauty. Thinking of sunsets or sunrises
Hope. I am not lost anymore
Color. In opposition to just black and white

Well, that's about it. May the Spirit inspire you and push your creativity where you feel the art, and it is pleasing to God and man.

Alexa said...

(Sorry for the "impersonalness" of this comment)
I'm just whizzing by the blogs on my blogroll to let ya'll know that I've moved URLs - if you're interested in keeping up with me, which I'm not presuming you are - but do hope you are! Here's the link: Alexa