Friday, September 14, 2007

Shepherd in the Woods

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I bought some watercolor pens and have been experimenting with them. My control over the medium isn't very good yet, but it is an interesting result.

Once I had put the colors down with the pens, I washed them with water with a small brush. I then went over the whole thing with different colored fine point Sharpies, prayers about find a path through dark times. The colors were still a little garsish and varied, so I muted parts with colored pencils.

I am going to put it into an Advent art exhibit at our church. The theme is "Life and Light Through Jesus." If you look closely at the shepherd holding the torch you will see He is wearing a crown of thorns.

Any suggested titles?

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ukok said...

I have no title suggestion, I just wanted to let you know that I really like this :-)

Judas Hate said...

I love you too, Brother.

And thank you. That made my day:-)

Wonderful art!! You have so many marvelous talents.

Something about "The Light" pops to mind, but I can't seem to squeeze a title out of it.
With the implication on Him being the light, not the torch.

onionboy said...


ukok said...

Oh, Owen, that's fantastic! And I was just working on a 'Good Shepherd' E-Card too!

Hattigrace said...

As a beginning artist, doing some Sacred Art, your work is very inspiring! Not good with titles.

Jada's Gigi said...

beautiful work

Terry said...

Your art, Curuious Servvant looks just like the European art that we used to see when we lived in Ottawa and when we used to go to the art gallery.
I can look at your pictures for several minutes, just look and see so many different things!!
And then look later and discover even more!...Love Terry

PS.. I can just imagine myself in this picture with the Shepherd.
I am the lost sheep that he looked for in the dark night and found!
THIS little sheep is not in the distance anymore, but it looks like there is another one that the Good Shepeherd has His eye on!