Friday, March 30, 2007


I greatly appreciate all the comments, prayers, advice.

I'm too tired to write a clever post, but I thought I could drop a note to all of you, kind readers, just to let you know I'm still kicking.

It's Spring Break which means I have had time to deal with various things.

My wife and I are talking, and that is a good thing. I'm still uncertain about the future there.

And as been the case before, when things gets hard and weird, things tend to get harder and weirder.

Case in point. Went to the ear doctor yesterday... I definitely have hearing loss. It won't come back. Additionally, it turns out that due to some lack of paperwork when we adopted our children 13 years ago neither of them are U.S. citizens. We have set up an appointment with an attorney on Tuesday to look into it. His ballpark is that we can probably work it all out... after a year or so and $3,000. Jeremiah is the more difficult problem as he is already 18 and getting citizenship is not so easy for the developmentally disabled. (I thought adopting a child meant they were citizens!)

I'm spending tomorrow morning with a good friend... a guy I trust who can give me good advice.

Bottom line... my wife is still glancing at rainbows, my back hurts, my head hurts, my skin is peeling, and there is a deafening (literally) ringing in my ears.

I love the Lord... I just don't know why life is so weird.

Ah yes... one other weird piece of news... I heard last week that my dad owns a bar in Thailand now... it's a brothel.

If I was reading all of this in a novel I would say that it doesn't seem very plausible.

Stranger than fiction.


Anonymous said...

Damn Will, sorry to hear it!

I've been thinking about you lately. Come to check on you and find you're still getting kicked while down.

The worst shit always seems to happen to the best people.

I've folded up shop on blogger, but you've got my e-mail.

I'm here for you anytime my friend.



bigwhitehat said...

I have presented you with the Thinking Blogger Award.

Participation is optional.

bigwhitehat said...

Now about your post, I'll pray about your stuff.

I would say things can only get better but I wouldn't want to jinx you.

forget me not said...

CS, I just can't believe that adoptive children, kids who have been LIVING on US soil for years, do not automatically (or within a reasonable time period) become citizens. How awful!!

I admire your courage, and your capacity to love. Always. No matter what.

About your father, that news frightens me. Brothels in Thailand are notoriously full of children... :-(

Btw and speaking of people who do nasty things to children, I switched blog service to wordpress. It seems that blogspot hosts a few dozen pedophile blogs and has done nothing about it, despite warnings from several associations.

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant..I come on several times a day to check how things are going for you.

I agree with forget me not...You are a courageous man..

Remember when Jacob thought?.."All these things are against me"...Gen, 42:36.
They were but yet in the long run they WEREN'T..He received both of his sons back..

The Lord must surely have something good in mind for you dear brother... You have been such a help to others...From Terry

Jim said...

Hi C.S. I'm with Terry, you are one of God's loved servants. He will not test you with more than you can bear.
[[...But God is faithful [to His Word and to His compassionate nature], and He [can be trusted] not to let you be tempted and tried and assayed beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure... 1 Corinthians 10:13 (Amplified Bible)]]

As a novel, no it doesn't seem very plausible. But this is life, and a hard part too! Sum it up, sometimes "when it rains, it pours." But that doesn't talk about the flowers and blessings from the outpour of rain.

Hang in there, C.S. You are doing the best you can. God will take care. I'll keep you and Mrs. in my prayers--I do pray for you both already.

Kathleen Marie said...

Job, God is still in matter how weird things get. Just don't try stealing the reigns from him.

Prayers going up.

Oh, an you are so right, Rainbows are round and lead you right back where you started (been there, done that, doesn't work)


4evergapeach said...

CS, well, I'm back. At least for now. And I hate coming back and seeing that you are going through such troubling times. I can feel for you though, I'm having some of my own. Your faith will see you through. I will keep you in my prayers~

Chris Krycho said...

It often is (life... stranger than fiction). I understand what you mean about things getting harder and weirder. (There's a reason I haven't posted in almost three weeks.) You still have my prayers, friend. God bless.

Ame said...

i'm sorry. life is hard. and it is weird. is this "normal?" or are we in the middle of an onslaught of spiritual warfare where the forces of evil are unleashed like never before. i don't know. Dear God, we, Your servants, are struggling in this war. I ask You to open heaven and send legions of Your angels to fight this war raging over our heads. Open our eyes so we may see You all around us. I love You, Ame

wanting more said...

Often I've asked God to remove anything that would hinder our love, anything that would block me from intimacy with Him...and then in the times while He is answering this prayer of mine, I've often regretted praying it!

From what I read on this blog, you are devoted to your Master, your Creator. I keep getting this picture of the refiner's fire...when the heat gets turned all the way up, the impurities go to the top, so that the refiner can skim them off and get rid of them, to make the gold pure. The things that come out of us at these times really reflect what is inside.
I pray that you would be able to flow with His will...knowing that at all times He is still good. There is a scripture in Isaiah...wish I had my bible here with probably know the verses...but it says, "when you walk through the waters, they will not overcome you, when you walk through the fire, I will be with you..for you are precious in my sight..." something like that.

Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with the ugliness of life, and I feel defeated, I have to focus on the characteristics of God...that He is good, merciful, gracious...and just ponder those until it registers in my spirit man that these things are true...then it is easier for me to trust.

I pray that He would give you peace..even if He doesn't explain everything...

Coco said...

I'm glad you that you posted...
my prayers are always with you and your family.

Loss of hearing...
I'm sorry. Could it be all those years of teaching with high noise levels in our classroom?

No, citizenship is not automatic...
I learned that years ago- I hope the paperwork and time is not overwhelming. Good Luck!

maybe she just needs a vacation...
or a massage... give her lots of hugs & love : ) have patience.

Blessings my fiend.
Take care,

squirrel said...

That's just crazy that they wouldn't be citizens!

Your dad sure has found an odd way to spend his retirement years hasn't he?!

Praying for you and yours always,


Suzanne said...

I ask that God show you both what He wants, what you can expect...I pray for the peace beyond all understanding to touch you both and your children. Amen

bjk said...

What if CS ...what if.....the 'base line' is just weird.....and if we measure against makes a bit more sense.....praying for you.....your wife...your boys...becky

Becky said...

thinking of you and your family. Life can be weird.


Jada's Gigi said...

I think weird IS normal, it certainly in around my house...all I can say is "thank God for Jesus Christ!"

~m2~ said...

here, praying.

Penless Thoughts said...

Just dropped by to say have a blessed Risen Lord's Day and to remember He paid for it ALL.

Tamara said...

Dear CS, though I don't comment often, I'm still here, and praying for you and Brenda and the boys. My heart goes out to you all struggling to do so much. I hope Brenda find peace where she is. I've been there. Much love.

Anonymous said...

hi, CS. sorry i haven't been around much lately. i'm going through a lot myself. God is still in control. praying for you... maybe you can use a friend's hug so here (((HUGS))).

Just Me said...

Happy Easter, my friend.

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant...I hope that you and you family are having a happy Easter Sunday... Christian Love, Terry

Julana said...

I'm sorry it's so tough. I hope it gets better soon. That's surprising about the adoption not making your sons citizens.

Littlestorms said...

Ame, I think you may be right. The gates of hell shall not prevail, however, so we'll stand with legs apart, arms crossed, and face down whatever that fallen angel and his league throw at us, for we know Who has our back.


Hang in there, CS. You are inspiring us with your fortitude and selfless love. An example the world at large always benefits, and perhaps needs more than ever.

Prayers for you, and for all who wrote here, and mention their own suffering. Lord, hear our prayer.