Friday, September 08, 2006

It Makes Me a Little Sad

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They started tearing down our old burned out church yesterday. So many memories there... so many people had so many important events happen there... We had a dedication for the parenting of our children there, Jeremiah, Isaac, and two years earlier, Willy. We had Willy's memorial service there. My sons were baptised in that baptistry. Brenda and I renewed our wedding vows there. My friends had their children married and their parents buried through services held there. And my son, playing with a candle, burned it all up in an evening that nearly hurt or killed a half dozen people.

And it is coming down.

But life goes on. My father in law is threatening to sleep in the truck because I won't say that it wasn't alcohol that caused his problems. I have to move furniture and set up computers today to prepare for students next week. There is a 9/11 memorial service I am working on, and an assembly about it the following day. I have lessons to write, handouts to type up...

I haven't much to say... except that I wish I was as strong and wise and gentle and giving as everyone thinks I am. I wish I was half the man my dog thinks I am.

Gotta go!


Jada's Gigi said...

In Christ, brother, in are...
On another note...I am doing some reflection on fire...sort of verses water I guess but I would be interested in your thoughts on fire..since you have deep personal experience with fire in the natural realm...I did a recent couple of posts on it and some of the comments are very interesting and thought provoking as far as carrying it over into the spiritual context ...shoot me an e-mail if you'd care to comment.

Looney Mom said...

Oh... I'm so sorry. Wow... I don't have any deep words to share. Offering a virtual hug.

jel said...

jada said what i was going to tell you! In Christ you are Strong!
Don't let the evil one make you think diff!

I have been feeling insecure myself
here latly , bout we can't let him win, We got to know God is with us all the time. he is what make us strong!

huggs to you and your family!

glassgirl said...

I was trying to email your hotmail with a question, but i wasn't able to.
I sent you a message at Frappr.
Do you have another email I should send it to?
It's regarding painting during church services.
Or you could email me...
glaucia AT gmail

Judas Hate said...


I'm sorry you are juggling so many swords these days.

I feel helpless when my friends are sad and overwhelmed, especially when they're 2,500 miles away.

I wish I could do more for you than pray. If I ever can, I will.

I know it's hard to live up to everyone's expectations. Especially your own:-)

Don't be so hard on yourself all the time. You are an exceptional man, but a man after all. Each one of us can only do so much in any given day. God doesn't expect more than that, so why should we?

I find you accomplish more by giving 100% of yourself to one or two priorities each day than 20% to several.

Try to get some (restful) sleep for once if you can.

Respect, love and prayers.


Squirrel said...

Try and look at it this way, the sooner they tear down the reminder of the fire the faster you can fill the new addition with new wonderful memories.
And here's something, at least your dog likes you. Our dog hates me. I think it has something to do with I won't let him sleep in the house.
You're in my prayers,
God Bless you, Curious!

Jim said...

CS, I think you are as strong as your dog thinks, and twice as wise as he thinks.
You are always reasoning things out, some of us just stumble around.
Our schools in Texas have been going since the middle of the second week in August.

bjk said...

I think what I am drawn to is that you don't profess anything but struggle like the rest of us but what you have modeled to us is a constant turning back to HIM...THAT'S a strength I want to cultivate....praying for you, your family, your church....b

Pirate said...

Keep your eyes on the creator and not the creation. Peace be with you.

Fox's Mom said...

All of the above, CS, all of the above.


Felisol said...

Dear Curious Servant,
You sure are the just man God cut you out to be.
"When I'm weak, I am strong", St. Paul said.
God does not expect you to do more than you're able to.
He will give you strength, but only day by day what you need to, to manage.
Believe me, it's enough.

"7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"
Phil. 4.7

Ame said...

"I wish I was as strong and wise and gentle and giving as everyone thinks I am. I wish I was half the man my dog thinks I am."

We never are ... it is only God within us that makes us strong and wise and gentle and giving and half the person our dogs think we are :)

I look forward to your post when the new building is completed! That will be an amazing day!

pecheur said...

I can't imagine.

And I do think you are pretty cool. =) regardless.

Hang in there

wilsonian said...

Sometimes you need to look into the mirror of community, and trust what you see. If we (and apparently, your dog also) see in you strength and wisdom and gentleness and a giving nature... then perhaps it's just time to open your heart to that.

Peace, brother.