Sunday, December 23, 2007


(Scroll down for pictures)

I did a picture during the service today. The watercolor pens I brought wouldn’t stick well enough to the canvass board, and the thin point Sharpies where to faint, so I did the whole thing with a limited range of colors, all in thick, regular tip Sharpies.

I was looking forward to praying through the picture. I no longer think about the congregation behind me. I just plugged the iPod into the sockets I call ears, and start praying.

There were a few key things I made sure was in there. I included Jesus’ lineage in the gray on the wall, and the nativity story from Luke is the primary layer on the cow in the front.

I wanted to do a picture that emphasized the baseness of where Christ was born. I wanted to make the animals center-most. I wanted folks to think a moment about the smells, the dirt, the actual filth of where God deigned to enter the world.

For many of us the idea of having a child in a place where feces litters the dirt floor is disgusting.

I would suggest that simply being born human was, for God, a greater step toward the crude than it would be for one of us to give birth in a stable.

My son Isaac, took some pictures and I share them here.


wilsonian said...

That's a wonderful piece, Will. You have such a gift...

And Isaac is getting good with the camera :)

Terry said...

Merry Chrismas to you Curious Servant.
I am a day late but it has taken a little time to wish all of my dear blog forends a very blessed Chrsitmas and a happier New Year.
I haven't had a whole lot of time to readign th blogs but you ar still on my mind adn in my prayers.
It has been too busy a time the last few months.
I odn't even know if I thinkied you eough for lettign me use yoru Good Shepherd picutre but I still do appreicate it.
Dad Golden goes for his operation on Jan 10th.
He enjpyed Christmas eve with the whole family at my sister Betty's.
He seems to be softening so much toward the gospel and we are prayign for big things to happen!..
Take care my friend and again, I hppe that the Newy Year for you will be a lot better than the old year.....Love Terry

Anonymous said...

hi, will. hope you had a merry christmas with your family. God knows your heart.