Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Ogress of Greenleaf Manor

It’s Halloween. I’m not feeling well, so I am in bed early, watching Young Frankenstein.

It is one of the funniest movies ever made. I might make watching it a Halloween tradition.

Today I went to a large electronics store to buy supplies for my tech program. It is a little odd speaking to a Hillbilly zombie about the advantages of one memory card reader over another.

Jeremiah had a costume party at school. He went as Darth Maul. His only real costume, but one he fixates on too much. I don’t like his fascination with powerful figures of evil. We let him hand out candy to kids who came to the door.

I let my misgivings about his costume slide and crawled into bed with this laptop and the funniest movie Mel Brooks ever made.

I tend to let things slide a bit in parenting. A sort of “Don’t sweat the little stuff” attitude. It probably comes from the nearly hands off approach my parents had in raising me.

Parenting styles are a natural source of conflict in a marriage.

Brenda tends to be firmer, stricter. I tend to be more laid back, more accepting of the ol’ “boys will be boys” philosophy.

She wanted me to become stricter. I wanted her to lighten up a little. We didn’t find a compromise. Instead she got stricter, angrier. I tried to lighten things up, joke her out of her mood.

I called her the Ogress of Greenleaf Manor.

You know, that didn’t amuse her as much as you might think.

When she was extremely upset I would back her up in silent tacit acquiescence, but not explicitly.

But, I worked on it. Became stricter.

As I tried to meet Brenda halfway she relaxed a little more.

I’m feeling pretty achy. The cough is deep enough, hurts enough, I wonder if I haven’t contracted a touch of pneumonia, an infection in the lungs. Brenda brought me hot chicken soup. Very hot. Hot enough to defend a castle. Sweet of her.

(I’m sorry about the ogress crack, Brenda.)

Discounting the vagaries of the modern calendar, Halloween marks an ancient cross-quarter day (half way between an equinox and a solstice; so does Ground Hog’s day). Perhaps my life is also at some sort of cross-quarter. My wife is still in my home. I’m lying here trying to eat scalding soup, and she is doing what she can to be kind and loving.

“You are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind,” Gene Wilder shouts at his visitor.

Sounds like one of my posts...

Happy All Hallow’s Eve.


Amrita said...

Hi CS,
I think I 've seen that movie too.
You are right about parenting styles.
My parents went to very strict, controlling missionary schools so we were treated in the same way, specially I, my sisters were favoured.

curious servant said...

Thanks Amrita.

I'm feeling a little better, physically. Still coughing quite a bit.

Yesterday was the fist time in a long time that I stepped on the bathroom scale and it registered under 200 pounds. That makes 30 pounds I've lost the last two months.

The marriage thing is the bigger concern.

I am having trouble writing enough for two blogs, so I have been writing a post for "The Journey" and then editing it for "Job's Tale," which I will do with this comment.

I wrote a post yesterday, which is already posted and online to be published tomorrow at 8:00, on both blogs. Again, the stuff about what is really bothering me is cut fro the job's tale version.


That is how I am doing.

I appreciate your asking, and of course, I am appreciative of your prayers.


jel said...

hey friend,

that is a cool movie,

I do hope you get to feeling better

U and your family are still in my prayer!

take care