Sunday, August 05, 2007

Isaac's Photographic Vision

For the past week we have been doing yardwork. I cut down two trees and pruned six others. The piles of leaves and branches covered the yards.

On Friday we went and rented a limb chipper and went to work.

The boys were great, worked real hard.

Isaac wanted to document the whole thing.

"Dad, I can take pictures, and you can put them on your blog!"

"Sure, buddy."

So, in keeping to my word here is Isaac's photo essay of our day working together:

Isaac wanted me to get a picture of him in the flowering plum being a hero and using the handsaw.

Quite a pile of branches!

Rental shop opens in a half hour!

The yard already looks very different!

I like how you framed this picture, Isaac.
See how the angles of the building and street and the pole in the background work together?
Good job!

Isaac likes to take pictures of his dad. Meanwhile, three little kids keep yelling at us from a window in a house just out of view. The youngest one wanted us to know that he really, really likes trucks, cops, and trains.

The picture is a little blurry, Isaac, but it does give the sense of hauling the chipper home.

I guess it seems weird to see Dad drive through the yard.

Branches go in...
...and disappear!

Engaging the blades of the loud beast.

Dad is checking where the chips are landing.

Like I said... he likes to take pictures of his dad.
(Gosh I need to lose weight!)

Good job, Jeremiah! Almost done!!!

Rocky feels this has been a pretty good day with his peops.
(I love the expression on his face!)

That's it!

I don't know why Rocky is tired!

(Thanks for the comments, everyone! Isaac loves it!)


Amrita said...

Issac took great pictures.good manly activity too with the boys. Do you save the wood chips for winter fuel?

curious servant said...

The wood chips went into the flower bed (around the rhoddodendron bushes) to keep the weeds from returning.

Since the fire two years ago we avoid using the wood stove.

But, with Jeremiah potentially moving out we are looking at drying out the wood from our next large removal, a 50 foot pine tree.

Coco said...

I LOVED it! : )

You must tell Isaac that his pictures do tell a story!! : )

Poor Rocky...
he got tired just by looking at his family work! : )

As I was looking through the pictures I thought, "Wow, such a big yard!" Then I realized that yes, you would be able to have a yard such as that- you live in Oregon!! : )


i go back to school/work the 22 of august

curious servant said...

We start the 20th.

I am excited about all the cool things I have planned for the coming year.

wilsonian said...

You have a beautiful way of encouraging your son :)

Paula said...

I love the pictures of Rocky!

Jim said...

A nice activity for the boys. I vote to let Isaac keep on taking those pictures.
BTW, I think girls worked too, I saw Brenda raking?

curious servant said...

Yep. Brenda was at it right along with the rest of us. After so much aeffort, it was only fair I take everyone out for some Chinese food!

bjk said... perfectly showed us your day.....THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments. I had fun taking the pictures. May be I'll take more and Dad can put them here.


Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, that is A LOT of hard work. Why is the dog sleeping! Ha!

Anonymous said...

sh - tell issac nice job, pix turned up clear over here in boy-see ideeho, ag-gf

becky said...

I don't know why Rocky is tired!

aren't dogs great?


jel said...

Isaac did a great job taking the pictures! way to go !!!!!!

ame said...

That is SOOO cool!!! I love those things, but had no idea you could rent them! How cool is that?!!! My girls would love it. I am VERY impressed at all that you three men did.