Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Doc, It Hurts When I do This!

“Well, don’t do that.”


Had a headache.

Actually, I have a headache. It’s day three of it, but oh what a difference. I would say the pain has gone from “Somebody shoot me!” to “Gosh, this is rather unpleasant.” It's something like 30% of what it was.

And I am smiling.

Really, I am.

I dropped by the library to pick up a CD I had requested (three months on the waiting list!) and I just now got up and did a little dance to the music. I feel that much better.

It feels so wonderful not to hurt so much.

Now that is an odd thing, isn’t it? I have a headache. There is a slight throbbing behind my temple, an ache persistent and relentless, but there is such a difference between yesterday’s pain and today’s I feel almost giddy.

I started an after school club today, ten kids in attendance. I taught them for an hour and allowed them to practice the engineering principles I introduced for another hour. Track that for a moment. I have a headache, I added an extra two hours of work to my day, making a commitment to continue it through the end of the year at least once a week, and I am happy, happy, happy.

We can live in such uncomfortable situations that a slight relief can be true joy.


I had a meeting with someone today about the infrastructure of a large website I am building for my community.

She and I have tried to have this meeting several times but something always interfered. But today we were able to get together. We talked about my church. She is checking it out and sat behind me the other day (we hadn’t met yet so we didn’t know to make the connection at the time).

She commented about my worship style (a touch more demonstrative than most).

When I worship I feel such joy. It is one time each week that I am guaranteed to be able to push out the distractions of the world and open my heart fully. I don’t care what anyone else is thinking or doing, I am communing with my maker.

It is a time of true exultation for me.

That is a delicious thing.

Keep in mind I am a human being. Remember I am prone to thinking about myself, my needs, my wants, my desires, first, before all else.

But during this time each Sunday (and others of course, but always then), I focus on someone else enough that I can feel something beyond my own sphere of five senses.

And I feel euphoric.

So... for much of my life, I am worried about IEPs, and 504s, and No Child left Behind, and ESIS, and YST (and a never ending alphabet soup of educationalese) and I can get pulled far away from that joy.

“Doc, my soul hurts when I do this!”

And the master physician says:

“Well, don’t do that.”


When the hurting gets just a little relief we can feel like dancing.

Oh, oh my...

Some day I will be living in such pure joy! I will be dancing with my first child in my arms. I will be hugging my grandmother, and my sister, and singing directly face to face to my Lord. Such joy beyond imagining!

We will all be moving away from the joys of simple relief to eternal, immortal true joy.


Anonymous said...

dancing is good...

Anonymous said...

dancing is good...

Anonymous said...

dancing is good...

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you had that kind of headache. i hope you're feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Curious,

I can ever so relate to having pain for extended period of time. To have the pain ease up...even though it's not gone entirely...feels like such a relief now doesn't it?

I do feel for you. I walked away from two episodes in 2006 with the thought that at least now when people speak about great pain...I know first hand what they might be experiencing. Hopefully God will use it to make me more compassionate and prayful for person's enduring much pain.

Since I'm new to your website...I'm curious since your mention your worship style as being you ever post any video or audio clips of your leading worship?

I know you had your recent pictures showing your art work of the baby Jesus. I would be interested to see how others respond as well.

Blessings to you.


Ame said...

oh, how passionately i long to be with my Maker! sometimes i wonder why people want loooong lives, why anything to prolong one's life here on earth would be so attractive. i simply want Jesus to come so we can all go home, together.

i used to wonder why anyone would want to leave this earth. now i wonder why anyone would want to stay. guess i'm getting older ;)

jel said...

CS, I'm glad you feel like dancing,:)

is that on of you painting ?

thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

blogger is crazy! I so thought it wasn't posting comments....

Anonymous said...

Any time. Hope it helps. I went from a pot a day to two cups (doctors' orders). It turned a consecutive two-month headache into an occasional brief one. Found it strange though, as I've been a coffee junkie for years and almost never got headaches. A good example of how things change through staying the same:-)

Another great post. Made me smile and laugh. You know some of the daily pain I have grown accustomed to, so I can really relate. Any relief is a real gift.

I heard somewhere once that there was an aborigine tribe whose people would whack themselves (hard) about the head and body several times with a bamboo stick first thing in the morning.
Their rationale for this?...
Each little blessing during the rest of the day would be a pleasant surprise and that much more appreciated and enjoyed:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh this post, brings such hope!!!
Sometimes with the troubles and pressure in life, we forget our real home. :)

Thank you

Anonymous said...

We can live in such uncomfortable situations that a slight relief can be true joy.

Amen to that. I hear you! Thank you for sharing so well, even with your aching head.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I had a headache this week, too. It was such a relief, when it eased up.

Terry said...

Dear Curious Servant..Yes, I think I already read this posting and was feeling good that your headache was less painful.
Did you do any dancing after all?
I will feel like dancing, myself after all of this winter snow and ice are gone and the trees start to bud and the grass turns green and the lawns are yellow because they are just full of dandelions and the lilac bushes are bursting with purple flowers and smelling just divine!!...from Terry