Friday, November 03, 2006

Big Place

I'm dashing this post off in a hurry. Busyness still has me in her maw.

But two things have come together to prompt me to pause for a moment and sit down at this keyboard and tap out a quick post.

The first is a part of a conversation from this morning. Actually two conversations, because I quoted myself in the second conversation from the first.

I have found myself involved in examining prayer within our church. I have had quite a few meetings with various folks, and something has been whispering to me that the prayer in our church needs to change. The status quo isn't good enough.

In that first post-prompting event today we were talking about the fear and joy in drawing close to God. I was saying something about how I often think about the science of things, especially the size of the universe and the mysteries of quantum mechanics. That in understanding the size of the universe I know intimately my own place in it, and it makes me tremble.

I don't understand how anyone can believe in a creator and not stop and consider the implications of who He is. And in thinking about Him, I tremble.

I know He loves me. I know that He is a being of community, by nature three. I know that He loves me deeply and invites me to join Him in that community.

I said something this morning about the size of the universe, and the joy and fear I have found of late in worship.

This was in the context of a conversation about how people can be unhappy with the choice of music performed by the worship team, or do not like the way someone else is dressed, or object all sorts of things that sound like they are more concerned about how they are right than they are about loving others.

The second thing that happened was just a few moments ago. I checked my blog and found a new comment from my friend Justin:

Hey Will,
Check out this link.
Until I read the end credits, I was convinced this was you with a cold:-)

I was surprised myself. The first image is pretty familiar to me, and to any of you who are familiar with me. But the similarities are much deeper than that blog pic of mine. The voice is a little like mine, but the topic! It is one that I am not only familiar with, but could have written myself. Even the writing style is much like my own. There are even many editing techniques that I routinely use in my own video. It is a little eerie to meet your digital clone.

Though the video does not directly make a theological connection, the connection is easy enough to make.

If you can be patient enough for the download and to watch the six and a half minute video you might be as surprised as JH and I have been.

Thanks Justin!


Anonymous said...

I thought you'd appreciate that:-)

My friend emailed me the link last night. I didn't view it till tonight. When I did, I immediately honed in on the picture. Then the voice. I knew it wasn't a match, but it was eerily close. The style of video and narration was so similar it made me second-guess.

Aside from the end credit, I also knew you would have done it better;-)

I hope you are well and happy, my oh so busy friend.

As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers (as well as your beautiful family, of course).


Jim said...

Guess I'll come back to listen next week. I'm still preparing the SS lesson today.

Wanted to say that in our former church [of 23 years] we had a nice prayer seminar. Then we opened a prayer chappel complete with telephone and Roledex of prayer requests.

For several years we had 24-hour praying, people signing up for an hour at a time. Two of my sons were on the list, one has since been saved. I give a lot credit to all those prayers.

High tech could probably do all the mechanics using the Internet, even the phone #, then people could do the praying in the safety of their homes.

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, that was something. I had my hubby watch it as well. Very inspiring and very, very humbling!

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, that was something. I had my hubby watch it as well. Very inspiring and very, very humbling!

Ame said...

stuff like this just makes me love my God so much more! we truly are grains of sand in Creation, but He chooses to love us ... not only does He choose to love me, He deeply and passionately desires for me to love Him! way too cool :)