Monday, April 10, 2006


It is one year today that I have had this blog residing in the blogosphere. I have blogged about blog-worthy events in my life, met many wonderful bloggers while blogging, and blogged over 70,000 words on this weB log, I mean blog. I have battled blogbots and blog gremlins and as I write this post my blog counter rests at 27,000 blogistors since the counter was placed June 27th. I think I feel a post coming on... so hang tight, I'm going to throw another blog on the fire.


Me said...

I am proud to have been your first commentor a year ago and now i'm the first to leave a comment here today! Congratulations on your blogiversary! God Bless You!

wilsonian said...

Happy Anniversary, CS. It is a great joy to have shared part of your journey here... to have been blessed by you. I pray that this blog would continue to be a place where your greatness is documented in real and tangible ways.

Kc said...

Happy Blogerversary CS!

You're a great blessing to me in many ways. May God continue to use you through your work here. ;-)

Hope said...

God bless you CS! One year - I don't know about you but for me there are just so many good changes in my life since I began blogging. Changes internally. Change doesn't happen in a vacuum. You have been a part of that change for me. Thank you. You are so very kind and gracious to me. I still remember the first time I read your blog and how it impacted me. So glad to be on the journey together.

MMM said...

Happy Blogiversary,
Happy Blogiversary,
Happy Blogiversary,


Anonymous said...

happy blogaversary!!!

keep on writing! God bless! =)

eija said...

Congrats CS :)

I'm really glad to have "met" you. And your occasional comments in my blog really make a difference to me - even if (as you put it) you don't really have anything to say but just want me to know you're there. Thank you for it.

I keep coming here, too. Regularly. So that you know - even if I don't comment so often :)

jel said...

Way too Go CS, Congrat, hope you have a lot more :)

take care !

and Happy EASTer!

Joe said...

Happy blogaversary!

I certainly do enjoy your writing!

Corry said...

Happy blogaversary!

God blessed us with your writerly talents and your sharing. May He bless you as well.

God's Grace.

David said...

This is one reader who enjoys coming to your posts as they challenge my mind and my thinking.

Cinder said...

Happy Blogaversary CS!

Your writing talents and your transparency in sharing are a true blessing to me! I pray God will continue to bless you and your family and that God will continue to use your blog for His purposes.

I pray you and your family will have a very blessed week as you come towards this weekend's celebrations of Easter Joy...God Bless you!

Kitty Cheng said...

Happy Blogiversary CS. Keep your posts coming.

Tamara said...

Wow, CS - you and I are just getting to be old buffalos on this blogging thing, aren't we? *grin* You continue to inspire and motivate us all. Can't wait to see what the next blogging year holds.

John P said...


Hey, CS, did you see the scientific study they did on the effects of prayer on recovery from heart treatment?


curious servant said...

Yes I did. It doesn't surprise me.

First, there is the factor that people who were told that they were being prayed for may have thought "Oh no, I didn't realize that I was so bad off that I needed a prayer team!" and became discouraged. (Silly people, we all need people praying for us!)

But all that aside, I do not think that science can every touch upon the heart of faith. If there was conclusive proof that the spiritual realm is something concrete, mmeasurable with our tools, our instruments, we would not be living a life of faith, but of logic, choosing what is logical, proven.

Every leap that science has taken, opening up huge new realms of understanding our world, has never, NEVER, discounted the basis for us to believe in our Lord because our heart tells us to do so.

That is the error, I feel, in Creation science. It isn't a matter of proving. It is a matter of believing.

It is clear to me that the Lord wants us to choose Him, not be argued into it by a series of scientific debates.

--Thank you, all of you, for your kind words today.

bjk said...

Happy Blogiversary!!
You write in a way we can see your journey and that THAT is a blessing!! Thanks for sharing becky

JeffGeorgia said...

Happy, Happy, Happy.

You should read my blog about my testimony I gave to 45 men last Sunday. It was awesome.

John P said...


I don't disagree with you; I just wondered if you had seen it. If you ever read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it reminds me of the logical debate that ensued following the discovery of the "Babelfish". By proving that God exists, it proves that He does not, so he disappears in a flash of logic. I love that one.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

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curious servant said...

I suspect the above comment is spam but I am leaving it here in case there are folks out there who need a listening ear.

But there are a lot of folks willing to listen and pray. Many of them can be found in my links.

I am also willing to help.

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