Monday, September 19, 2005

Prayer: Part Two

It isn’t good news.


46 points.

Let me make this part of my essay on prayer the prayer I pray today. . .

Oh LORD. I am Your servant. What You would have me do, I will do. Sometimes it tastes of ashes, sometimes it is a stony path, but I will follow where You lead.

I love him LORD. I am grateful You gave me this child. No matter that my dreams turn to dust, I know that an eternity awaits and the events of a mortal life are brief.

Remember that my life is a breath. . . (Job 7:7)”

I begged for a child, and I am grateful that You gave me two (three). I fear the path ahead LORD, I know it will be difficult. And I ask no more than to feel You near.

You gave me intelligence, and I hoped to share my passions with my children. But I see now how that cannot be. Very well. I am Yours and I will obey.

Oh LORD You gave me so much more than he. I would give half of my mind to make his whole.

I see clearly who he is, the psychologist’s words ring true and I understand what I did not know before. Where I was blind now I see, even if it is through bleary eyes.

I rejoice in knowing You LORD, and I rejoice in knowing what is truth, even it is bitter.

I will not restrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my spirit: I will complain in the bitterness of my soul. . . (Job 7:11).”

I wish I could teach him the things that I love. Ah. . . my LORD, my master. . . I will, none the less, teach him what is the most important thing You would have me teach him. I will teach him the only great truth that has ever been discovered.

That the LORD my God is a being of love. The LORD my God is the source of every good thing. The LORD my God has a plan for my life, for his life, that includes freedom. It includes freedom from all bondages. It includes the birth right that is ours when we are adopted into Your family.

By the claim I have in Your son, my brother in the ultimate family, I claim freedom for my son. I claim freedom for my child. I claim that good SHALL COME FROM THIS!




Tamara said...

Blessed be His name! You are his good and faithful servant - running the race and keeping the faith. I'm reminded of the line from the song that says "when the darkness closes in, Lord, still I will say BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!"

Our Father God knew that you had a very special and unique love, and that no one on the face of the earth would make a better father for this little boy than you.

Please remember that points are merely a social construction, a measure set by scientists in an attempt to measure everything. But you cannot quantify his love, his joy, his peace in being your son for life, his security, his faith, and the blessings he brings to your family. No one on this earth will ever know the depths and breadth of his understanding and abilities. 46? To whom? In God's eyes we are all prefect 10s.

curious servant said...

Thank you.

There were parts of what was revealed that were more difficult to bear than the IQ. I did not feel it appropriate to share the other elements of this ache I am feeling.

Please know that I will stand by this child no matter what may come. Yet, it is very disturbing.

If you have a chance to say a prayer for my family today, I am grateful.

Prayer makes things happen.

bjk said...

Prayer.....changes US and I am praying and Thanking God that your son has You for a Daddy......where would he be without you......God's plan so much better than ours and yet never NEVER easier....praying big and bold prayers for you and your whole family and the community that surrounds Christ becky

David said...

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Me said...

My prayers that God's will be done are with you and yours.

MMM said...


i hold myself in agreement with your prayers.

Bar Bar A said...

I am praying for you my brother...thank you for leaving a request for me at my site. I have written it down and stuck it in my Bible. (((Hug))) I will write more later.

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